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Ukrainian - Jewish Relations

Approached by Leonid Finberg of the Center for Studies of the History and Culture of East  European Jews, National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, the UCRDC has agreed to collaborate on a project on Ukrainian-Jewish relations. Titled “I am my brother’s keeper”, the project involves both a research element and a public awareness campaign.

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The UCRDC produces documentary films, prepares educational materials, and sponsors lectures, conferences and exhibits on various topics related to Ukrainian issues.

It also functions as a resource centre with catalogued archives, oral histories (audio and video), photographs, memoirs and personal archives.

Between Hitler and Stalin: Ukraine in World War II, the Untold Story

The one-hour documentary recounts events in Ukraine on the brink and during the course of World WarII.

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Archival Holdings

Access to the archival holdings of UCRDC is provided for legitimate researchers, academics and students. Materials available include video and audio interviews (both on tape and digital), videos, films, photographs, documents, and books.

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Harvest of Despair

The one-hour documentary deals with the 1932-33 Famine-Genocide in Ukraine

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The Barbed Wire Solution

Travelling exhibit about the internment of Ukrainians in Canada, 1914-20, includes  full text of the exhibit panels.

Exhibit included the showing of Yuri Luhovy’s film about internment, Freedom Had a Price

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Oral History – Canadian Armed Forces

“In its archives, the UCRDC has a collection of oral history testimonies of Ukrainian Canadians who served in the Canadian Armed Forces during WWII ...

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The UCRDC depends on voluntary donations – both individual and institutional - for its financing.

It provides receipts for tax purposes.

Our Sponsors
Ukrainian Canadian Foundation of Taras Shevchenko, Winnipeg

The Homenko Fund, Winnipeg

Cosbild Club, Toronto

BCU Foundation,

Ukrainian Credit Union Limited, Toronto

SUS Foundation of Canada, Toronto


The first prize of the Wasyl Janischewskyj scholarship, established by the UCRDC and valued at $8,000, has been awarded to Nadia Zavorotna of Toronto. Ms Zavorotna submitted, as her research topic, "Ukrainian émigré scholarly life in Czechoslovakia in the interward period".

The monograph will include the following topics: opportunities the Czechoslovak government provided for the participatation in the academic, social and cultural life; institutions of higher learning created there by Ukrainian scholars, their biographies and publishing activities. Her methodology will include online research and scholarly travel ─ to Prague, Munich and Harvard ─ to consult primary sources and rare periodicals.

Ms Zavorotna is a history graduate of Chernivtsi National University and holds an MA in European, Russian and Eurasian Studies from the University of Toronto. She is a professional librarian and works as a Reference Specialist at the Petro Jacyk Resource Centre at the University of Toronto.

Prof. Janischewskyj was born in Prague in 1925, studied engineering in postwar Germany and the University of Toronto. Although a scientist by profession, he devoted much time and effort to Ukrainian historical research, particularly to the production of UCRDC films Harvest of Despair and Between Hitler and Stalin - Ukraine in WWII. He died in Toronto on February 16, 2011. (212 words)

Photo: Nadia Zavorotna and Prof. Mykola Derzko

The Wasyl Janischewskyj Scholarship Awarded

"Extraordinary fates of ordinary women. 20th century oral history". Editor Iroida Wynnycka

The book includes 21 fully transcribed interviews with women who lived (in Ukraine) and describe their lives during such events as World Wars I and II, and the interwar period. They lived through repressions, de-kulakization, the Holodomor 1932-33, deportations and imprisonment in Nazi and Soviet concentration camps; women who helped the UPA, rescued Jews and organized the Pioneers.

The oldest interviewee was born in 1893, the youngest ─  in 1934. The interviewees were from Australia, Canada, Germany, Poland, USA and Ukraine. The 835 page book was published by UCRDC and printed in Lviv (2013). Series: spohady, shchodennyky, interview.

"Nezvychajni Doli" Book Launch