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In 1989, under the influence of “glasnost”, two devoted intellectuals in Ukraine, the late Volodymyr Maniak¹ and the late Lidia Kovalenko² a husband and wife team, dedicated themselves to collecting witness accounts about the Famine  in Ukraine. They established, in Kyiv, an association called “Memorial” dedicated to this aim. By the early 1990’s they were able to collect about 6,000 such testimonies.” ³

On September 30, 1990 they presented their findings at the UCRDC conference “Holodomor in Ukraine 1932-1933 New Research Findings” at the University of Toronto. 

“Maniak points out that the Soviet cover-up of the Famine was Tantamount  to stealing  from the people their history.” ⁴

“Kovalenko draws our attention to the far –reaching consequences of the Famine experience on the spiritual state of the people.” ⁵

A selection of testimonies (some abridged), was published in 1991 under the title “33 Holod Narodna Knyga Memorial.

In November of 1990, UCRDC archivist Iroida Wynnyckyj met with Volodymyr Maniak in Kyiv and obtained 133 copies of the original documents which are presently housed in the UCRDC Archives.

This site provides a list of the 133 names of Holodomor witnesses, a  sample selection of 20 letters with envelopes and their transcripts and 11 letters translated into English.

Of particular interest is the information contained in the following letter:

Ivzhenko, Ivan Avksentiǐovych recollects his time as a soldier in the Red army, in 1945 in the city of Danzig:

“I became acquainted with a native Prussiаn - German who was a captain on one of the boats in the port of Danzig before the war. When he found out that I was Ukrainian, he said to me with great astonishment that You Ukrainians were so persecuted and yet you fight so well for the Soviet government.

He described how during those years [1932, 1933] the harbor in Danzig was full of international ships carrying food aid for the starving people of Ukraine, - all waiting for clearance to enter the Soviet Union. 

Permission was never given, they were all told that there was no need for food and that there was no hunger in Ukraine. The ships were forced to unload their cargo at the docks in Danzig or dump it right into the sea.

So, it was obvious that Europe, North America and other continents knew about the Holodomor in Ukraine but because of Soviet government directives, the aid never made it into Ukraine.”

Maniak Collection #4036, Ivazhenko Ivan Avksentijovych, Neshcheriv village, Obukhivs′kyj rajon, Kyivs′ka oblаst.

This transcription and translation was possible thanks to the work of UCRDC volunteers: Marta Waschuk, Helen Junyk and Bohdan Figol . Technical support was provided by Bozhena Gembatiuk and Valerij Gorchynsky.

More information can be found on HREC ManiakCollection : 


¹ VolodymyrManiak *Nov.6,1934 +June 15,1992

² Lidia Kovalenko *May 5,1936 +Jan.25,1993

³ Famine-Genocide in Ukraine 1932-1933, ed. Wsevolod W. Isajiw, Ukrainian Canadian Research and Documentation Centre,2003.

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33 Гoлод,  Народна Книга Меморіял, Л.Б.Коваленко, В.А.Маняк, Радянський письменник, Київ 1991р.

Maniak-Kovalenko Holodomor Collection

Alekseenko, Ivan Tymofijovych

Balats, Pavlo Pylypovych

Belavin, Ieremyj Mykhajlovych

Bondarenko, Domna Konstiantynivna

Bryk, Antonina Pavlova

Brylinskyj, Dmytro Mykhajlovych

Chaban, Horpyna Dmytrivna

Chervatiuk, Liuba Andriievna

Cheshkivskyj, Petro Antonovych

Demchenko, Oleksandra

Dzema, Mariia O.

Diachenko, Paraska Iakivna

Dmytrenko, Frosyna Korniivna

Dubynska, Liudmyla Vasylivna

Dudko, Tetiana

Duka, Anastasiia Ivanivna

Halaburdov, M.

Harkusha, Marfa Ivanivna

Herasymchuk, Ivan Iukhymovych

Hevak, A. S.

Hlushko, Iefosyniia Vasylivna

Honcharuk, Marfa Pavlovna

Hurska, Antonina Frantsivna

Iarmylko, Aleksandr Nykolaievych

Iaromov, Volodymyr Petrovych

Ievhenieva, M. S.

Isaienko, Anton Fedorovych

Ishchenko, Anatolij Ivanovych

Iurchenko, Volodymyr Petrovych

Ivzhenko, Ivan Avksentijovych

Kalyberda, Olena Maksymivna


Kharytonenko, Mykhajlo Josypovych

Khlebas, Ivan Prokopovych

Klesuk, Hryhorij Fedorovych

Klymiv M. S.

Kobchenko P.

Komasiu, Kost Danylovych

Konechna, Pelahiia Porfyrivna

Korkotsenko, Nastia Hnativna

Koval, Mykhajlo Petrovych

Kovryha, Roman Mykhajlovych

Krasovska, Halyna Kuzmenivna

Kravets, Mariia Iakivna

Kudynova, Kylia Kononivna

Kurbatova A. Ivanova

Kyryshchuk, Konstiantyn Ivanovych

Kysmochenko M. J.

Lazachenko, Ivan Demytrovych

Levchenko, Konstiantyn Andrijovych

Lubiana, Mariia Ihnatska

Lyskova, N. K.

M. Kh.

Malynochka A. M.

Marchenko, Iukhym Hryhorovych

Martyneko, Dmytro Petrovych

Marusyk, Nina Ivanivna

Maslo, Alisa Antonivna

Medetska, Oleksandra Emelivna

Medvedieva, Vira Ilarionivna

Melnyk, Nadiia Fedorivna

Movchaniuk, Paraska Pavlivna

Mykhajlenko, Mykhajlo Tymofijovych

Mykhajlychenko, Oleksij Mykhajlovych

Mykhavlov, Stepan Fedorovych

Myronenko, Hanna Tykhonivna

Najdenko, Raisa Fedorivna

Neshcheret, Tetiana Ivanivna 

Ovdiiuk, Oleksandra Ivanivna

Panchenko, Vasyl Iehorovych

Patsiuk, Vasyl Vasylovych

Petryk P. Iu.

Pidhorbetskyj, Ivan Stanislavovych

Pidvalna, Vira Nestorivna

Pidvysotskyj, Henrykh Ksaverovych

Plejtukh, Olha Tytovna

Podubienko, Oleksandra Hryhorivna

Polchuk, Ivan Hryhorovych

Proshunyna, Paraska Iakivna

Prystuj, Ivan Iakovlovych

Pud, Mykola Stepanovych

Pykholit, Dmytro Prokhymovych

Pylypiuk, Olena Zakharivna

Pyrohov, Serhij Oleksijovych

Ralchenko, Vasyl Mykytovych

Revatska, Nina Prokopova

Romanova, Mariia Ivanivna

Romanovskyj, Petro Kyrylovych

Rurinkevych, Mykola Iovych

Salij, Kharetyna Fedosyiievna

Savchenko, Mykhajlo Vasylovych

Savchuk, Vasyl Ulianovych

Senchenko, Liuba Arionivna

Shapoval, Pylyp Oleksijovych

Shchadko, Petro Avksetijovych

Shchebak, Mariia Petrivna

Shchesniak, Hanna Pylypivna

Shestopal M. H.

Shevchenko, Viktor Radionovych

Shvets, Musij Illich

Sirko, Stepan Hryhorovych

Sivachenko, Kseniia

Solomiia, Iulia Pavlivna

Solovyshchuk, Petro Makarovych

Starostenko, Hryhorij Ilarionovych

Storozhuk, Efrosyvna Iurkovna

Sudorzhenko, Vasyl Iu.

Syzariev, Serhij Havrylovych

Tarchuk, Andrij Ievdokymovych

Timchenko, Radion Antonovych

Tiutiunnyk, Andrij

Tsarenko, Hryhorij

Tsokol, Kateryna Stepanivna

Tverdostup, Viktor Oleksandrovych

Tykhonenko, Nadiia Radionovna

Tymchenko, Stepan Kononovych

Tytorchuk, Mariia Hryhorivna

Valchyk, Mykola Maksymovych

Venets, Mariia Danylivna

Voznenko, Halyna Ivanivna

Vytoka, Raisa Ilinichna

Vyzir, H. F.

Zajchenko, Hanna Matviivna

Zakatin, Volodymyr Fedorovych

Zalyvcha, Sofiia Iakivna

Zaritska, Liubov Denysivna

Zavadskyj, Fedir Dymytrovych

Zavhorodnyj N. A.

Zekalo, Teodor Hryhorovych

Zoria, Mykhjalo Semenovych

List of Holodomor accounts

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Volodymyr Maniak and Lidia Kovalenko
30.09.1990 at UCRDC conference