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Electrical Engineer in Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Date and Place of Birth: 1940 in Lyon, France

Date of Interview: November 23, 2015

Place of Interview: St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Interviewer: Jurij Darewych

Length of Interview: 00:56:43 (raw)


JD: How would you describe your main principles under which you lead your life?

ZS: Well obviously, I am faithful, this is very important to me, I try to be as good of a Christian as I could be. PLAST has made a big impression on me, because of the PLAST law of being a man of my word. This has remained in me until this day. To be honest, if I have to be late somewhere, then it’s better not to go at all than to be late. This is a very important principle for me, to put meaning into my word; if you say something than put action to complete it.


Zenon Stepchuk, mentioned in article “Twin Cities' Ukrainians welcome Stefanyshyn-Piper” written by Michael J. Kozak for The Ukrainian Weekly, published on December 31st, 2006

excerpt from the Interview with ZENON STEPCHUK

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