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Date and Place of Birth: Bilohraj, Ukraine

Date of Interview: July 1, 2016

Place of Interview: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Interviewer: Jurij Darewych

Length of Interview: 01:12:03 (raw)


My dad, in his family people didn’t live long, well father lived to 82, and Teta [aunt] Nadia and his youngest sister died at 50-something, but this one came to Canada, I really liked her, and we were celebrating her birthday in Ivano Frankivsk [oblast/region]. We are all sitting by the table, and everyone is remembering things about their grandfather or grandmother, and I was thinking to myself how strange it is, that this is so close to me, but it was really someone else’s, because all those struggles I didn’t have at all. You know they were remembering this, and remembering that, but you stand and just listen to all of it. Therefore it is very good if the whole family lives in one place.


  1. Tatiana Hawaleshka’s Husband Ostap Hawaleshka interviewed on November 20, 2015 by Jurij Darewych for Oral History of Ukrainian Canada (OHUC) project. File #371 - video.

Obituary for Tatiana Hawaleshka’s mother Wolodymyra Teodora Kysilewsky, Winnipeg Free Press Passages. Winnipeg Free Press, 21 December 2005.  

excerpt from the Interview with TATIANA MARIA HAWALESHKA

The interviews can be accessed at the UCRDC. Please contact us at: office@ucrdc.org