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Medical Doctor

Date and Place of Birth: 1939 in Drohobych, Ukraine

Date of Interview: June 30th, 2016

Place of Interview: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Interviewer: Jurij Darewych

Length of Interview: 00:52:18 (raw)


Interviewer: What role did Ukranianism play in your life, say, your feelings towards Ukraine and Canada?

OM: We were, I don’t know about her [his wife], but I was a part of the youth that wanted to go back to Ukraine. Because there was a big discussion of who is staying in Canada, and who is going back to Ukraine, but this was very idealistic. Anyways, when we were able, we visited Ukraine often and those were also very moving times. Therefore, we always felt like we were Ukrainians but also, on the other hand, our generation were people who for sure didn’t belong anywhere. Because the Ukraine that we loved, the one we imagined, doesn’t exist, and probably never existed. So, we couldn’t belong to her [Ukraine], but Canada was truly strange to us, in our hearts. So then, we were just lost people, I would say.


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excerpt from the Interview with OLEH MARYNIAK

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