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excerpt from the Interview with NICHOLAS DERZKO


Retired Professor of Mathematics, University of Toronto; Consultant; Lawyer

Date and Place of Birth: 1940 in Kapuskasing, Canada

Date of Interview: July 7th, 2016

Place of Interview: Toronto, Ontario

Interviewer: Adriana Szczurko

Length of Interview: 01:31:22 (raw)


You know, another example, of sort of the discriminatory attitude…All immigrants and their children knew that although Canada was a land of opportunity compared to what they came from, the fact is that there was a fairly low glass ceiling. So, one example of this is, when the bus system started, all of the roads that had – they all called themselves the ‘the descendants of the United Empire Loyalists’ – living on them, the bus went and picked the kids up at the door. The roads which had Ukrainians, Poles, Slovaks, on them, the kids had to walk out to the main road.


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Nicholas Derzko’s written article posted on this site

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