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Date and Place of Birth: 1933 in Czyzew, Poland

Date of Interview: June 22 2016

Place of Interview: Toronto, Ontario

Interviewer:  Kassandra Luciuk

Length of Interview: 00:29:44 (raw)


My grandmother was of a Jewish background. In order to baptize my grandmother, my grandfather sent her to a Latin monastery. I know that my family said that not a single Ukrainian monastery wanted to accept my Jewish grandmother and baptize her.  Therefore, she was baptized in the Latin rite. And so this is how it was in our family that the men, my grandfather, this was a big family, they were wealthy people. There were 6 sons and one daughter. So all the males were baptized in the Greek-Catholic Church, and my aunt Olena in the Roman Catholic Church, because all the females followed their mother’s side and all males followed their father. By the way, when the Germans came, my family was deeply unsettled because they said they would destroy all of the Jewish population up to the third generation. We had an uncle who was a lawyer in Lviv – uncle Paul – who went to the monastery, and all the records about my grandmother, he asked that they be destroyed. And so all the records about my grandmother were destroyed, so that no one could say that she was of a Jewish


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excerpt from the Interview with LUBA OSMAK

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