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jurij klufas

Businessman, President and Executive Producer–KONTAKT Entertainment and Communications Corporation, President–Entertainment Media Corporation, Founder and Chair–Bloor West Village Toronto Ukrainian Festival

Date and Place of Birth:  1951 in Nottingham, England

Date of Interview: August 5 2016

Place of Interview: Toronto, Ontario

Interviewer:  Kassandra Luciuk

Length of Interview: 01:14:56


The spark that came to me was from Dauphin. But that was sort of the mechanism. But the thinking, I was watching our Ukrainian Independence Day events and I could see that they were on a…on an influencing political scene, I thought that we were falling behind. I noticed that we weren’t bringing in…we weren’t attracting any of the Ottawa political leadership. I noticed that we weren’t attracting even local political levels. So, in my mind, I was thinking that we need a platform that serves that purpose. So that was the – I was searching for something that could deliver that platform. So when I’m thinking festival and I’m thinking the thousands of people and all of that, I’m thinking that it’s an opportunity for our leadership to meet with the leadership, not just of other communities, but the leadership of the nation; and to meet also in a position of strength. That we were not begging, we’ve been around, we’re here, we’re delivering, and we’re telling you what our needs are, and these needs are for the betterment of Canada. So that was the thinking. That was the mental thought process that I was searching for. And it’s the Dauphin atmosphere that gave me the spark to see that that’s the mechanism to do it. 


UkeTube Youtube video, Jurij Klufas speech at “How will KONTAKT Ukrainian TV & Ukrainian media innovate?” at The Future of Ukrainian Media in Canada conference, November 24, 2010 

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excerpt from the Interview with jurij klufas

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