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Date and Place of Birth: 1931 in Ternopil, Ukraine

Date of Interview: June 1, 2016

Place of Interview: Toronto, Ontario

Interviewer: Zoriana Kilyk

Length of Interview: 01:21:16 (raw)


I: Do you consider yourself a) Ukrainian b) Ukrainian Canadian c) Canadian Ukrainian d) Canadian?

IW: You know, I consider myself…I can say that I consider myself Ukrainian Canadian. For some reason for me, this Ukrainian, somehow it is in my soul, and it cannot be any other way. But I am Canadian, because of the fact that I think this is an amazing country that gave us the opportunity to be Ukrainians. I think that our Ukrainian immigration that came here built Canada, and invested a lot, and our cultural heritage nonetheless took root to a certain degree. We have our own wonderful institutions right now, museums, and our children continue to learn Ukrainian traditions and dances and so on.


  1. Irene Pawliw’s husband Orest Pawliw is interviewed by Iroida Wynnyckyj on August 28, 2008 for the World War II project. File #420 (Video).

• Pawliw, Irena. Рідними Стежками – Endearing Paths. Orest Pawliw, Ed.  LaVergne: self-published, 2015.

excerpt from the Interview with IRENE PAWLIW

The interviews can be accessed at the UCRDC. Please contact us at: office@ucrdc.org