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Date and Place of Birth: 1937 in Balynci, Ukraine

Date of Interview: July 4, 2016

Place of Interview: Toronto, Ontario

Interviewer: Adriana Szczurko

Length of Interview: 01:01:39 (raw)


And it is very important. I would say that morning exercise is very… I go to…there is this Yellow Cup [restaurant], maybe you know it, on East Mall. There is a Ukrainian Credit Union near it, Polish people own it but mostly Ukrainians go there to eat in the morning. And the three days that I don’t work – I work Tuesday and Thursday – but Monday, Wednesday and Friday I go there to eat in the mornings; because there is company there, there are always 10, 12, 14… since my wife died I go there. And they are always complaining, a lot, and I always ask, “Why are you complaining?” And they say: “I had to drive to the cottage, and there’s a lot of work there.” Then I say that “if there is a lot of work then don’t drive there.”  “No, but someone has to look after it” and I say “just give it to the kids if you don’t like it.” But, they complain a lot. I say “think about something positive, something good.” I really like to read all things about positive thinking, I even gave a lecture once at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy because I realized those students, that we brought them to Toronto, were very negative, saying: “oh this is wrong, this is wrong.” I say think positively and it will happen, because a thought is the most powerful thing that a person can have. Exactly how you think, that is how it will happen… I started reading this kind of book, “The Secret,” maybe you heard of it? … There it writes: the way you imagine it, that is the way it will happen. I started out very simple, let’s say you drive somewhere and there is a full parking lot, but you want to park… but I almost always continue driving, and then someone leaves, and then I drive in. And actually if you keep thinking in a positive way it will happen, and then all those people that wrote all those books, believe in it and it will happen.


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excerpt from the Interview with BOHDAN MyNDIUK

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