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excerpt from the Interview with NATALIA SHCHTURYN


Date and Place of Birth: 1966 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date of Interview: June 2, 2015

Place of Interview: Toronto, Ontario

Interviewer: Sophia Isajiw

Length of Interview: 00:58:26 (raw)

Father (Survivor): Stephen Horlatsch, b. 1921 in Zaporizhia Oblast, Ukraine


So, my father has a story of when he was little that every Saturday my grandmother would do the baking and would make little breads that he had to go and take around to his less fortunate neighbors. And it was his job and his younger brother’s job, and his younger brother would always run off and go play with his friends so it would be my father that had to do this on his own. And as he would do it he would have to say the names of his ancestors who had died, so my mother’s parents, or her aunts, her uncles, her grandparents or my grandfather’s family, and it would be a prayer for mercy on their souls. And this good deed would be part of it. So, he had to go around and take these, what are called поминики [“pomynyky”] or I guess ‘remembrances,’ around to his neighbors. So, she very much felt the obligation and the need to share their success and their добробуть [“dobrobut,” wealth], the things that they had made of themselves in that short time, with others. And that very much sticks out in my mind, and whenever I, well, we’ll be talking about the Holodomor later, but that symbol of bread very much is always associated with her for me.


  1. Natalia’s father, Stefan Horlatsch, is interviewed in the UCRDC Archive File #222 (June 24, 2008). Interviewer: Orest Zakydalsky. Video (1 hour, 40 min.) for the “Share the Story” project (“Stefan’s Story”; ”Share the Story” project webpage

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