b. 23 September 1900, Nowy Sacz, Poland, d. 2 November 1985, Paris

Kubijovych was head of the Ukrainian Central Committee during WWII. From 1928 to 1939 he was a lecturer at Krakow University; in 1940 he became a professor at the Ukrainian Free University in Prague.

As head of the UCC during the War, Kubijovych was instrumental in organizing relief for the sick and aged. Kubijovych, through the UCC worked to protect the interests of Ukrainians under German occupation. Although the UCC had no political powers, under Kubijovych’s leadership the UCC served as a voice for the Ukrainian people to their German occupiers. In 1943, as Germany began to lose the War, Kubijovych helped to organize the Ukrainian Waffen SS Division Galicia.

After the War, Kubijovych emigrated to Germany and then to France, where he continued his impressive scholarly and academic work, which focused on geography and demography. He was chief editor of the Encyclopedia of Ukraine and the Ensyklopedia ukraiinoznavstva and published numerous scholarly works.