Quisling Norway was the regime in power in Norway during much of WWII. Norway declared neutrality in the war, but was invaded by German troops in April 1940 in order to stave off the planned Allied invasion of the strategically important government. In 1942, Vidkun Quisling, head of the small Norwegian National Socialist Party, was appointed minister president, and led a collaborationist government largely under direct German control through Reichkommissar Josef Terboven.

A strong anti-Quisling resistance movement developed. Quisling Norway was one example of puppet governments set up by the Germans in occupied territories. Similar governments existed in Vichy France, Hungary, Romania, among other places. Quisling was arrested in May 1945, tried by a Norwegian court, found guilty of, among other charges, treason, and hanged. The word “quisling” has since become synonymous with traitor, especially one that collaborates with a foreign power.